Agronomy & Soil Science

This division mainly conduct research for agronomical trials, soil /nutrient management for the development of agronomical package and practices of potential aromatic plants to increase yield and quality. Study of cropping system, developing and documentation of agro-techniques etc., are the other aspect of the division also.

Crop Improvement

The main focus of the division is to carryout hybridization, genetics improvement and breeding programme for the development of high yielding varieties of aromatic crops.

Plant Protection

The research priority of the division is development of control measures and methods for insect, pest and diseases. Conducting trials on management of crop protection and application of essential oil as insecticide and pesticide.

Field Research Station-cum-nursery

For carrying out demonstration of aromatic crops, laying out, agronomical/ breeding/crop protection trials, multiplication and production of quality planting materials, establishment and maintenance of poly house, net house, mist chamber, vermi compost unit, primary processing etc.

Transfer of Technology

Technology dissemination in the farmer’s field, monitoring, planning, follow-up and evaluation of extension work in Aroma clusters including training, awareness, demonstration, cultivation, distillation, marketing and preparation of publicity material. To develop linkages between researchers and farmers for lab to land programme.