Incentives to Farmers 

To promote farmers and entrepreneurs for cultivation, distillation and marketing of aromatic crops in Uttarakhand, CAP has framed the promotional schemes and policies such as:

Training Programmes: CAP is organising training programme for framers round the year these trainings includes cultivation, distillation, marketing, quality assessment etc of aromatic crops.

Support for Cultivation: CAP is providing no cost planting material to marginal farmers upto 5 nali (1.25 Bigha). Farmers who want to cultivate aromatic crops in more than 5 nali (1.25 Bigha) are eligible to get 50% subsidy on the cost of cultivation. This subsidy is for cultivation of 07 priority species of aromatic crops and it's being provided upto a maximum of Rs. 01 lakh or 100 nali (2 ha.) area which ever is less.

Processing & Distillation: During the year 2018-19, for the promotion of distillation approach, CAP is providing 75% subsidy in hilly and 50% subsidy in plain areas upto maximum expenditure of Rs. 10 lacs is being provided to establish distillation/ processing/ post-harvest/ value addition units etc. for distillation, processing, grading, drying, storage of the crops of farmers / institutions / farmers groups cultivating the aromatic crops.

Marketing support: Buy back facilities for aromatic produce is being provided to farmers for market assurance.They can avail the minimum support price for 15 cultivated crops and 10 Himalayan minor essential oils by the centre.

Quality assessment: Registered farmers can avail 50% discount on testing charges of quality assessment of aromatic produce/ essential oil.

Registration of farmers: A system for registration of farmers for cultivation of aromatic crops in Uttarakhand has been introduced to have a data bank & farmers engaging in aromatic crop cultivation and to facilitate the transit pass process.