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  • Demarcation, survey, identification, authentication, conservation and bio-prospecting of Aromatic Plants (AP’s) biodiversity.
  • To develop cultivation techniques (planting materials, pre and post harvest practices, processing) which are cost effective in different agro-climatic regions of the State.
  • To develop effective compounds from AP’s for perfumery and aroma industries through tissue culture technology.
  • Production and propagation of genotype of commercially important AP’s.
  • Conduct Research & Development, extension and train human resources for fragrance and flavour industries.
  • Extension of AP’s cultivation and conservation technology through demonstration.
  • To develop market provisions in the interest of farmers of Uttarakhand and perfumery industry and to support the aromatic sector.
  • To provide support for quality certification to farmers, industries, researchers etc.
  • Entrepreneurship development through AP’s in Uttarakhand.
  • To employ latest techniques to improve the production system so that the AP’s produced in the State may compete in the international market.
  • To provide advice on policy-related matters of programmes and schemes for research and development of AP’s.
  • Encouraging the protection of Patent Rights and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in AP’s and their products.
  • To create optimum awareness and interest among people and farmers about AP’s cultivation.
  • To organize cultivation in wastelands and unutilized lands involving local farmers.
  • To collect germplasm of AP’s.

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