Minimum Support Price

In a bid to support farmers, engaged in cultivation of aromatic plants, CAP decided to fix minimum support prices of some of the important aromatic oils which are commercially produced by farmers. This is being done in a manner so that farmers get remunerative price covering their actual cost of production and marginal profits.

This facility helps farmers to avoid distress sale and keep their interest alive in aromatic crops. At the time, farmers are at their liberty to sale their produce in the open market, should there be any chance for earning better.


SN Name of Essential Oil Rate SN Name of Essential Oil Rate
1 Lemongrass Oil 1000.00 9 Geranium Oil 12000.00
2 Citronella Oil 1200.00 10 Caraway 5000.00
3 Palmarosa Oil 2000.00 11 Tejpat Oil 3000.00
4 Basil Oil 950.00 12 Damask Rose Oil 500000.00
5 Peppermint Oil 2000.00 13 Damask Rose Flower 100.00
6 Chamomile Flower 350.00 14 Oregano Oil 8500.00
7 Tagetes Oil 6000.00 15 Tulsi (Gratissimum & Sanctum) Oil 4500.00
8 Artemisia (annua) Oil 3500.00 16 Thyme Oil 1500.00