Photo Gallery

2-Lemongrass Nursery            3-Slip preparation            4-Plant distribution            5-Plantation            6-Field view            7-Harvesting            8-Transportaton            9-processing (1)            10-processing (2)            11-processing (3)            13-processing (5)            14-Marketing            2-Rose nursery at CAP       2-Rose nursery in farmer field       3-Plantation of rose       4-field view (2)       4-Field View       5-Plucking of rose       5-Plucking of rose at chakrata copy       5-Plucking rose at joshimath       8-Collection of rose water in cane       6- collection of rose flower from different farmers Chakarata (18)       7-Rose distillation (1)       7-Rose distillation (3)       7-Rose distillation (5)       9-Packing of rose water       10-Marketing of rose water       11-Receive cheque after selling rose water