The Phyto-Chemistry & Quality Assessment Division was established for the intention of providing support to farmers in producing mountain specific aromatic oils and herbs and their value addition.  Division has state-of –art laboratory equipped with sophisticated instruments viz. GC, GC-MS, HPLC, HPTLC, Polarimeter, UV-Spectrophotometer, FTIR etc. Division is engaged in:

Laboratory works on chemical fingerprinting of essential oils from aromatic plants using chromatographic techniques,  bio-prospecting of lesser known aromatic species grown in Uttarakhand and assessing seasonal and altitudinal variation in the essential oils, quality evaluation of aromatic produce of farmers with respect to quantitative estimation of bio-active components, The division also supports various inter-disciplinary researches and provide measurement for quality analysis of essential oil and aromatic herbs. The department has research publications in SCI indexed, national /international journals.